Are you outgrowing your home in 2022?


Are you outgrowing your home in 2022? Few people end up staying in the first home that they buy forever. (In fact, since the pandemic, 8.9 million relocated). Most people will outgrow their homes as they need more space, look for a new neighborhood, or invest in more valuable property. Are you working from home a lot since 2020? The home may suddenly feel more undersized if you live in smaller rooms and lack an office with storage.

Every person goes through changes, that’s life! Families inevitably grow up, bust out of homes, and constantly change in every way imaginable. Individuals and couples often advance in their careers, evolve to different lifestyles, or sometimes feel like their home is no longer appealing.


When it’s time to find a home as unique as the people who live there, call an experienced and trustworthy REALTOR® to request a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on your home and a neighborhood market report. Knowing how your local market moves and what season you can capitalize on to net a more substantial ROI (Return On Investment) is essential for your bank account.

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